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Art Gallery & Bespoke Picture Framers
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Amy Rose

Golden SummerBlues 57f589_db1dff3f5c9149829c1bd34ece2dfe42 See All Works IMG_5913
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Paul Newcastle Collection

Rob Leckey

"Penman Lighthouse"

Carl Niblett

"Nefyn Beach"

Rebecca Pells

"A Gentle Breeze"


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"We can be heroes" series...


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Renowned wildlife artist - Stephen Park



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Sean Afford

"Morning Dew"



Neil Nelson

"Still life"

Rachael Walker1 IMG_8507 Country Lane Shadows IMG_7866 IMG_8053

What our clients say .......

" I love calling in at The Art Vaults. Amy and Ross are always very welcoming. They have some great paintings, prints etc. some real surprises in their nooks and crannies. The building is a delight to visit in itself. Ross recently framed two prints for us. He provided an excellent service, being extremely helpful in choosing the mount and frame and then getting the work done quickly and carefully. Thank you Amy and Ross for opening your gallery in Shrewsbury. "

Paul Newcastle


Paul Newcastle is a Staffordshire based artist who specialises in painting 'scapes. He has been an artist for many years and has experimented with various mediums and subjects. He works in oil and creates fantastically detailed artworks that are exquisite viewed up close or far away.


"I want to create a window to the world, to bring the outside inside and highlight the beauty of nature, with specific focus on sunlight and the effects on the surrounding environment, the colours it creates and the different feelings transmitted to the viewer".

Rachael Walker - Resin abstract artist


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Ken Taylor

Minature Art

Neil Nelson

"Still life"

Martin Foster

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" The Art Vaults handles all my corprate framing needs, when you have a very tight deadline and 10 Hotels to fill with framed posters and art . The Art Vaults have never let me down from the original design ideas all the way to deilvery hanging and installation. I would not trust any other picture framer, thank you Amy & Ross and here's to many more years of business together"