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The beautiful Grade II listed building on Fish Street that now hosts The Art Vaults has been home to many different institutions in its five centuries of history. We are privileged to present our first gallery on this lovely cobbled street, with the sole aim of exhibiting both established and promising new artists.


The inherent charm of the building proffers the perfect backdrop to showcase both traditional and modern pieces, and within we exhibit everything from paintings to illustrations to one-off antique finds, carefully sourced from across the country. Aside from traditional artistic media, we also house furniture and lighting, alongside hand drawn cards and unique gifts.


The Art Vaults was designed to be an exhibition of affordable and enjoyable art, and we look forward to welcoming our visitors.


Thank you!


Ross Callaghan & Amy Rose

Fish Street Facts

The Art Vaults

In Medieval times Fish Street was the site of the Fish Market. Fish was sold here from the 16th century through to the 19th century although it was relocated to St John's Hill for a while due to the smell.


The cobbles which the street is constructed from enabled the blood and fish innards to be washed away easily. The flat stones along the street are in place to allow horse drawn carriages to manoeuvre up and down the street without too much turbulence.


Fish Street makes a small claim to fame in the 1984 film 'A Christmas Carol'.







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