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Amy Rose is a Shropshire-based illustrator whose work reflects themes of nature, history and commemoration.


She graduated from Manchester School of Art with a first class honours degree in 2013 and since then her illustrations have found a grounding in the natural and beautiful realm of British flora and fauna.


Inspired also by history and language, the illustrated subjects often deviate from the quotidian, and have their roots in near forgotten medicinal and spiritual British culture. This influence coalesces with that of memento mori, and the interpretaions of vanitas in cultures across the world.


Highly detailed and carefully executed, all her illustrations are hand-drawn using her preferred medium of indian ink.


Amy now co-directs The Art Vaults with her partner Ross Callaghan. She is available for commission work so if you have an enquiry please come in and have a chat.


Amy Rose

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Available Original Paintings

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