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Rachael Walker

Rachael Walker is a local artist who lives and works in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Rachael is a very creative person by nature and pursued her love of art and design through school and University. She spent a few years working in the textile industry before settling to work from home as an embroidery digitizer. She enjoys the freedom this allows as she is able to paint on a daily basis, satisfying her passion for art.


Rachael's work is unique, original, decorative in nature and distinctive in style. She finds inspiration all around her but she paints from imagination using bold intense colours. She experiments with form and texture to create pieces of art that are innovative and inspiring to others.


Rachael specializes in abstract and semi-abstract art which allows her more freedom with her creativity. The work she creates is a journey of discovery and she is constantly developing and challenging herself to greater heights of expression.


Rachael's favourite subjects vary from landscapes, flowers and architecture to bold shapes and pattern. her new and preferred medium is resin; with this she can create truly eye catching work that is new and contemporary. The glass like finish enhances the vibrancy of colour and depth within her work. Rachael finds using resin a challenging medium; the fluidity of the medium is unpredictable often flowing where it isn’t supposed to. Since discovering resin Rachael's art and the way she works has developed significantly.


Rachael does not use paintbrushes; all her work is created by pouring colour (whether pigmented resin or fluid acrylic) onto canvas and then manipulating its movement using a variety of methods. Each piece takes on a journey of it's own and will take on many forms before she is satisfied with it. Rachael's way of working is very experimental and exciting which all leads to the creation of some truly stunning work that would make a statement on any wall.

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