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Steve Vicary

Steve Vicary is a Shrewsbury based artist and gallery owner. He is a printmaker and painter. For Steve, painting is about trying new things, whether it's unusual colours, textures, shapes or patterns. It's about a response to the subject in his own developing style. Alongside his paintings, he enjoys printmaking and the versatility of the medium.  


The Shropshire countyside is an enormous source if inspiration for Steve. In his work, splashes of paint, patterns, marks, scribbles, blobs, composition and colour placement, are designed to reflect the elements, the forms, the colours and the rich textures found in the woods, on the hills and in the fields of the county he lives in.


'They are abstract works. They are about mark making. They are about paint upon a surface. They are meant to be different, puzzling and playful. they are meant to be strong, powerful and extremely colourful.'


All Available Original Artworks

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